Epenetus Principle / Die Epenetus Beginsel

The Epenetus Principle

Penny Du Toit ©

Eight Stone Priciples

E – Energetic

P – Passionate – Put your heart in it.

E – Exceed – I will Exceed my own capabilities

N – Not let Failure keep me down. Will stand up after a fall.

E – Excel – go forward. never turn around and battle with the history. you are just as good as your last achievement.

T – Timeous – You cannot be late ! Ever ! It is disrespectful.

U – Understanding – Be Reasonable – Always.

S -Subservient – Respectfull

Die Epenetus Beginsel

Epenetus means Laudable or Worthy of Praise.

Principle Means the foundation that it is build on.

Everything we do must be praise worthy.

We have to achieve some sort of a feat.

Don’t seek the praise

Do it praise worthy

Where do you start ?

Who gives praise ?

Why do they give praise?

Where do you get this praise.

Will you pledge the Epenetus principle today ?

I promise to do what I have to do with the Epenetus Principle.

I promise to do everything energetic with passion. I will exceed my own capabilities by always trying. I will not let failure keep me down. I will stand up again and again. I will excel always moving forward. my next try must be better than the last. I will always be on time, being late is disrespectful. I will be reasonable and try to understand first. Everything I say and do will be Respectful.